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We’re developing latest As-a-Service-Solution. Use the huge capability of our platform technology, to be able to offer your customers innovative services.



32 Billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things in 2020, prognosticated by the market research company “Gartner”.


Your company will be able to offer more innovative service and automatism – Take the chance to earn more money.


What do you need? XQAND, cause we developing platforms for services.

I Ideal structures

Sounds complicated? It isn´t: Our XQAND platform is an easy to handle, economical software which grants you the best infrastructure for the Internet of Things and provides you a lot of benefits.

Our Software creates the connection between your devices, monitors them and makes sure they are working properly. Independently of manufacturer and OS. You want to know more?

I Company with flair for future trends


We’re a software development company with a flair for future trends. Focused on the “physical security” at the internet of things.

Your safety

‘Physical Security’ includes installations of video surveillance, fire and burglar alarm system, as well as time tracking and access controls.

Our mission

We’re developing operating systems (XOS) and cloud services (XDS), to enable our clients to innovative services and automatisms.

A strong network

We have a tough network of partners which trusts in our solutions. These partners use our products in more than 600 installations worldwide.

I What’s new @ XQAND? We keep you uptodate!

I Call Home Monitor out of service

At the beginning of 2014 we presented you the “Call Home Monitor”. Now it’s time for the next generation. We took “Call Home Monitor” out of service. From now an, you will not receive any Call Home Monitor notifications any longer.

I Our speciality:
Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is safe – are you sure? Can you promise your customers that their video surveillance system runs all the time and there will be no way to loose recordings? No?

No problem: Our SaaS-Solution Vanga can do it!

I We would like to present you our partners

Professional video surveillance is the result of specialists. Planned and installed by an expert. We want that you get what you need: high resolution recordings of the important event.

That’s why we’re working with experts. Our partners have a lot of experience. Get in contact with them now!

These customers trust in XQAND

 – exemplary selection –

Want to know more about XQAND?

Want to know more about XQAND?

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